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texting PC to Mobile

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The AnyText Business Messaging Service enables you to send text/SMS messages to mobile phone contacts anywhere in the world and receive replies by return. Working from your personal computer, sending single or multiple messages is simplicity itself, and messages can be sent ”now” or created now and scheduled for future send. AnyText is designed to be easy to use and easy to administer, with straightforward pricing and a wide range of facilities.

With no software to install, you simply register to create your account through our web interface. Registration, which is free, is simple and straightforward, and if you want help, just phone 01387 811613 / 07837 219089 or email Having registered, you login, create your message exactly as you would an email, enter the destination mobile phone numbers(s), decide when you want the message sent - either now or at a future date/time - and SEND. With AnyText, there are no set-up, software, consultancy, implementation or maintenance costs. There is no small print. All you are charged for are the messages that you send. As a business service, you pre-purchase your fi rst pack of message credits, and thereafter you are invoiced at the end of the month for the messages credits used, unless you would prefer to continue to pre-purchase packs of message credits.


  • As an approved account you only pay for messages that you send.
  • There are no set-up, rental or fixed costs. No small print.
  • The web interface and all data are highly secure and robust.
  • You can send messages singly or in bulk.
  • You can send now or schedule for future sending.
  • You can choose to have delivery reports.
  • Your messages can be branded with your SenderID (normally company name), or they can be branded with a mobile number for replies.
  • Replies can be forwarded to your email inbox.

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