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SenderID Branding. Two Way text SMS.

Outgoing text SMS messages can be branded with a SenderID of your choice, maximum 11 characters, normally your company or product name. In our case our SenderID is AnyText, so when a text SMS message arrives on the recipient's phone the first thing that is seen is Message from AnyText.

SenderID Branding

Two Way text SMS Messaging

As an alternative text SMS messages can be branded with a mobile phone number, which creates a reply path to enable Two Way text SMS messaging. The mobile number to which replies are sent can be that of your own mobile, or a Virtual Number which is rented from the mobile networks. Replies via a Virtual Number are directed to your email inbox with a copy of your outgoing text SMS message attached.

You can have your Company name, Product name and mobile number(s), and choose which to use when creating your text SMS messages.

Initially your default SenderID when sending text SMS messages is the mobile number which was used when registering.

To change or add to your SenderID just contact us by email or phone.

There is no charge for SenderID branding, which we carry out on your behalf.

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